Unique and eco-friendly wooden watch set this Christmas

Wow with a truly unique and eco-friendly wooden watch set this Christmas

The unique grain of every piece of timber means that a wooden watch is a stunning timepiece that will be cherished for eternity.

High quality and with a touch of nature, wooden watches have become incredibly popular in recent years. Rhianna wears one, as does Cara Delevingne. Kim Kardashian has been spotted with a bejewelled wooden timepiece as has Prince Harry. Yet anyone can join the trend as wooden watches are not all that expensive relative to other types of luxury chronographs.

Presenting a wooden watch gift set fashioned from the natural beauty of maple, oak, bamboo, sandalwood, teak, zebrawood or walnut means the recipient will always have a complementary accessory to accentuate their wrist piece.

Eye-catching contrast - Gilligan by BOBO Bird

Combining Asian aesthetic with Japanese precision movement, the Gilligan wooden watch from BOBO Bird is a stunning adornment for any wrist.

This gift set comes with an accompanying wristband in bold black, soft red, earthy brown or muted green to subtly emphasise the natural dark and cream face of the watch itself.

BOBO Bird timepieces are all handmade and crafted from reclaimed and sustainable sources. Each watch is unique and there are said to be over 60 million wearers of BOBO Bird watches worldwide.

Gilligan wooden watch


Earthy 70s vibe - Kite watch & sunglasses set

Simple, elegant and with a splash of fern/olive green on the face and strap, the Kite wooden watch by BOBO Bird is straight from the forest floor.

There’s a hint of early 1970s warm earth tones and this watch will accessorise sedated browns, coffee shades, terracotta and autumnal-inspired hues of gold, green and red.

The cute retro sunglasses that come with the Kite gift set complete the look perfectly with a little oversized feline mystique to shade the eyes.

kite wooden watch

The country gent - Condor wooden watch UK & wristband set

As if crafted to accompany a tweed cap, Barbour jacket and wellington boots, the Condor watch and wristband gift set combines a bold wholesome pragmatism with a hint of luxury.

With its carob brown casing and dark face, the Condor wouldn’t look out of place set upon the mahogany sideboard in the hallway of a country pile after a day of outdoor pursuits.

Presented in a specially made box and with a choice of wristband colours to offset the Condor’s timeless style, the subtle silver flashes and luminous hands make this a wonderfully practical chronograph.

Condor wooden watch


Hedgerow hues - the Wren

With browny, creamy and reddish links, the subtle strap of the Wren wristwatch perfectly blends into the square face which is accentuated by touches of red.

Whether dressing up or lounging down, the Wren would equally and perfectly accompany either an evening dress or a dress-down baggy sweater. The accompanying bracelet in the Wren gift set sets off the hues of the watch no matter what colour you opt for.

The accessory trend of the year, there are a host of wooden watches UK fashion-lovers can invest in suited to their tastes. Don't just take our word for it. Fashion luminaries from publications as diverse as Forbes, The New York Times and even The Sun and The Guardian have been predicting this explosion for a few years now.

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